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Effective Work Order Management

Experience the most user-friendly and cost-effective solution for work order management. Replace outdated help-desk software and embrace Proptor for a streamlined experience. With Proptor, you can effortlessly assign, track, and resolve critical issues, simplifying the process for a seamless experience

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Transition from Disorder to Precision - Your Central Hub for Issue Management

Proptor easily organizes all your work-orders - making what’s next a no brainer for your teams. Unify all departments to solve bigger issues more efficiently than ever before by communicating in real time, tracking process, and following up on issues.

Instant Customer Issue Resolution

Efficiency and Cost Savings at Your Fingertips. Our cutting-edge technology eliminates human intervention or expensive tools while bringing your customers closer. With Proptor, customers can reach you by scanning a QR code on the property, without the necessity of downloading any app.

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ticket management tool
  • Transparency

    Get 100% visibility on all raised work orders and get detailed reports.

  • Efficiency

    Efficiently manage both internal and external (customer) complaints from a single unified platform

  • Accountability

    Implement a Five-Tier Escalation Process for Unresolved Complaints


Enhancing Efficiency

Leverage our robust Inspections module to generate work orders directly from your checklists,ensuring prompt corrective actions by the appropriate teams

Refine Your Search

Prioritize work orders and search for them by priority, code, asset, location, assigned user, project, completion date, or other identifying details

Real Time updates

Unify all departments for more efficient resolution of significant issues by facilitating real-time communication, progress tracking, and issue follow-up.


Access necessary information your team requires for their tasks, and supplement them with photos, comments, and attachments on any task


Easily tag work orders according to categories your teams are comfortable working with.

Escalation Protocol for Efficient Incident Resolution

When an incident persists without resolution, our 5-level escalation system steps in to ensure that no matter which team takes over, they are well-informed and ready to address the issue effectively. This protocol safeguards against any oversights by senior management, ensuring comprehensive incident management.

Email and Push Notifications

Stay Informed at All Times. Receive timely updates through email alerts and push notifications on both iOS and Android devices to shift to proactive asset management.


How does Proptor handle recurring work orders and preventive maintenance scheduling?

Proptor allows users to set up recurring work orders for regular maintenance tasks, ensuring they are automatically generated according to the specified schedule. This helps maintain equipment reliability and reduces downtime.

Can Proptor integrate with other software systems we currently use for facility management?

Yes, Proptor can integrate with various other software systems used in facility management through its API and integration capabilities, enabling seamless data exchange and workflow synchronization.

What customization options are available for work order forms and fields in Proptor?

Proptor offers extensive customization for work order forms and fields, allowing users to add, remove, or modify fields to capture relevant information specific to their operations.

How does Proptor ensure data security and privacy for sensitive work order information?

Proptor ensures data security with encryption, secure user authentication, and role-based access controls, complying with industry standards and regulations to protect sensitive information.

What kind of analytics and reporting capabilities does Proptor offer for work order management?

Proptor provides detailed analytics and customizable reports on metrics such as work order completion rates and resolution times, offering valuable insights for optimizing work order management.

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