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Intelligent Mobile Inspections with Proptor

Proptor mobile app captures standardized data of inspections and audits, stores it in the cloud, and sends email-ready reports.

It offers a mobile-based solution for seamless tracking and management of inspections, audits, and escalations.

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streamline mobile inspections
Paperless Inspections

Proptor makes inspections a breeze and the results are simple to understand.

No longer are inspections just paperwork, they are now digital conversations. Easily find the documentation you need for daily operations. You'll have the peace of mind that data is collected, presented, and stored properly.

  • Transparent

    Transparency - Track compliance versus established SOP’s.

  • Efficient

    Efficient - Always mobile, up to 35% time reduction.

  • Accountable

    Accountable -Track Individual performance versus KPI’s. Reward and Recognise good performance

mobile inspection app


Custom templates

Use one of our best-in-class inspection templates, or make them your own with powerful customization features to ensure your team’s capturing what’s important.

Scheduled Inspections

Easily schedule inspections based on your desired frequency, delegate them to team members and enjoy 100% on-site visibility

Efficient Issue Identification and Resolution

Create work orders from your checklists, ensuring corrective action is initiated by proper teams. Act swiftly on critical failures to prevent them from escalating into costly challenges.

Mandatory items & time-stamped photos

Set up your mandatory checkpoints to maintain compliance with internal standards. Utilize time-stamped photos and digital signatures to provide documented proof. No access granted to mobile gallery for stored photos.

QR codes

Ensure accountability by tagging inspections with QR codes. No more fretting over inspections being filled from invalid locations

Calendar view

Get a detailed 90-days mobile calendar view for your teams so that they can plan their visits and inspections more efficiently.

Share insightful report

Easily share professional reports from the mobile app. Convert completed inspections into detailed reports that include responses, images, and comments for a comprehensive overview

Push notifications

Never miss an inspection with built-in reminders via push notifications on iOS and Android.

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Proptor makes inspections a breeze and the results are simple to understand.
Go past brain drain and paperwork with tools and information you need to run frictionless operations.