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360 degree view with Automatic Meter Reading Software

Stay informed with an advanced meter reading system that provides automatic alerts for breached readings or when thresholds are crossed. Track fuel, energy and any other readings and detect irregularities as they occur.

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Automatic Meter Reading
Meter Readings

Unified Meter Reading Tracking Platform

Proptor offers a unified platform for monitoring your readings, providing an overall history of your bills and usage statistics in one convenient place. Proptor eliminates manual meter readings by allowing you to automatically track readings, get granular ins consumption insights and create action items with live data.

  • Transparency

    Record and store comprehensive consumption data, including photographs.

  • Efficiency

    Access historical readings effectively and conduct trend analysis for informed decision-making.

  • Accountability

    Assign recording work orders to users and teams. Get notified to prevent missed readings.

automated meter reading solution


QR Codes

Generate unique QR codes for each meter. Simply scan and capture readings"

Attach Photos

Enhance your meter reading process by enabling users to easily attach photos

Automated Triggers

Proptor automatically generates work orders for readings that breach threshold values.


Users receive real-time notifications for breached threshold work orders and reading reminders, ensuring prompt and informed actions

Performance Analytics

Proptor visually presents data using bar graphs and line charts, corresponding to the time of data collection. This provides you with a clear view of how your energy usage evolves over time

Share Reports

Easily download and share PDF reports or extract in excel for advanced analytics.

Try Proptor, an intelligent, flexible, and modern automatic
meter reading system for utilities and see the difference.