Revolutionize Your Tenant and Customer Experience!

At Proptor, we believe that great facilities management goes beyond just maintaining properties. It's about creating exceptional experiences for your tenants and customers.

Introducing Proptor Surveys, the ultimate solution that enables you to listen to your tenants and customers, understand their needs, and optimize your operations and maintenance programs to deliver unparalleled satisfaction.

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Analytics and Insights

Transforming Feedback into Action

Gone are the days of relying on guesswork and assumptions. Proptor Surveys empowers you to capture valuable feedback from your tenants and customers. Seamlessly collect responses, opinions, and suggestions to gain real insights into their experiences.

  • Transparent

    Merge feedback data with your operations and maintenance programs & analyze the effectiveness of your initiatives. Data-driven decisions lead to happier tenants, improved operations, and enhanced bottom lines.

  • Efficient

    Happy tenants and satisfied customers are the cornerstone of any successful facility management. Proptor Surveys gives you a clear understanding of their sentiments, helping you identify areas of improvement and providing exceptional experiences that breed loyalty.

  • Accountable

    Proptor Surveys is your "Moment of Truth" situation. It's the gateway to discovering whether your operations and maintenance activities hit the mark or require refinement. Embrace the power of accountability and continuous improvement to elevate your facility's performance.


Easy Survey Creation

Effortlessly craft customized surveys tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Proptor Surveys makes it simple to ask the right questions and extract meaningful data.

Real-time Analytics

Stay informed with real-time feedback analytics and detailed reports. Visualize trends, track progress, and pinpoint opportunities for enhancing your operations.

Actionable Insights

Translate feedback into action plans. Proptor Surveys equips you with actionable insights that drive impactful changes and foster an environment of continual growth.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevate your tenants' and customers' experience through a deeper understanding of their preferences and expectations. Strengthen relationships and build trust.

Seamless Deployment

Share surveys with tenants and customers via neatly designed QR codes, links in emails/messages. Eliminate biased responses.

Data Privacy and Security

Ensure the protection of sensitive data with robust privacy and security measures.

Dedicated Support

Rely on our expert support team for assistance and guidance every step of the way.

With Proptor Surveys, you can deliver unparalleled experiences, optimize operations, and turn tenants and customers into loyal advocates. Get started today and let your facility thrive like never before!