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Located in the centre of Pune's urban landscape, Proptor emerged as a response to the operational and maintenance challenges faced by a rapidly evolving shopping centre. Cumbersome manual checklists, fragmented team communication, and a lack of transparent operational and reliability metrics had been holding back progress. Recognizing the need for transformation, we set out on pioneering a cloud-based revolution for daily operations and maintenance management.

Our journey began with meticulous research, peer consultations, and an in-depth analysis of the digital landscape. What we found was that these issues were not unique to malls; they permeated various industries, including retail, real estate, facility management, and restaurants, among others.

Embracing this opportunity, we committed our efforts to developing Proptor - a solution that streamlines everyday tasks through digital automation instead of manual tasks. Over the years, we have consistently improved our product offerings, covering a wide range of services from managing assets and preventive maintenance to controlling inventory and monitoring meter readings. This has firmly established Proptor as the preferred choice for facility and maintenance solution partner in the industry.


At Proptor, our mission is to drive digital transformation in operational workflows, boost efficiency, and free businesses from paper-based processes. Our user-friendly mobile solutions empower organizations to streamline daily operations, increase asset life and avoid expensive unscheduled downtime.

Meet the Team
Pratik Lohiya

Pratik Lohiya brings a dynamic blend of management and software expertise to the team, refined over a decade in property management and retail optimization. His profound comprehension of frontline challenges and commitment to resolving complex business issues through user-friendly solutions are the driving forces behind Proptor's innovative product development. Outside of his professional role, Pratik is an enthusiastic runner, a food enthusiast and an avid reader who draws inspiration from the success stories of pioneering brands.

Roosevelt D'Souza

Roosevelt D'Souza, with an extensive 20-year background in market research across diverse sectors, brings invaluable insights to Proptor. His diverse experience informs our strategic direction, ensuring that we translate client feedback into practical solutions. Roosevelt's leadership, marked by mindfulness and strategic vision, guides Proptor through the competitive market landscape.

Shirissh Shinde

Shirissh Shinde, a highly accomplished tech professional, leads Proptor's technological vision with a strong background in software development. With a robust and credible tech background, Shirissh has been instrumental in successfully executing numerous tech projects.

As the visionary behind Proptor's technological innovations, Shirissh Shinde leverages extensive experience in software development and commitment to excellence. He excels in creating sophisticated, user-centric solutions and plays a pivotal role in shaping the product's technical strategy, overseeing its development, and maintaining a leading position in innovation.

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