Asset Management Solutions

Minimize unplanned downtime with Proptor's Intelligent Asset Management Solution

Proptor's Asset Management platform empowers professionals to efficiently track vital asset information, encompassing historical breakdowns, repair expenses, preventive measures, depreciation data, spare parts usage, total downtime, and more.

An ideal solution for optimizing asset utilization and minimizing disruptions

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Comprehensive Asset Management

Streamline Your Day-to-Day Asset Management

Proptor provides a user-friendly and efficient application designed to harness the potential of data, making asset management a breeze. Lengthy and cumbersome processes for fetching asset information is a thing of the past, instead, use Proptor to effortlessly monitor the maintenance history of your assets directly from your mobile device.

Our app keeps you informed of breakdowns, downtime durations, spare parts utilized in repairs, repair expenses, and more. This comprehensive overview ensures that you always have an accurate understanding of the true cost of your assets.

  • Transparency

    Gain continuous visibility into your assets, at all times

  • Efficiency

    Easily pull out reports on your assets, on the move.

  • Accountability

    Know the health of your assets and identify maintenance requirements. Optimal asset performance not only boosts revenue but also minimizes compliance risks.

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Mobile Maintenance Management

Easily create maintenance schedules and assign them to the appropriate teams with Proptor.

Key Metrics Monitoring

Proptor enables you to measure and monitor key metrics like downtime, uptime, MTTR, MTBF and detailed depreciation data.

Secured Access

Control access to who sees what information on your assets.

Asset Tagging

Paste neatly designed QR codes on each asset to enable technicians to pull out historical information.

Warranty Tracking

Proptor offers complete data tracking for warranties, including expiration dates and servicing records for ""in-warranty"" assets.

AMC Management

Track vendor performance for your own assets under third party maintenance contracts

Asset Transfer Management

Initiate and monitor asset transfer requests and keep a track of your current asset locations

Push Notifications

Instant updates on asset transfers, maintenance lapses, warranty expiration etc.


How does Proptor's Enterprise Asset Management software handle asset depreciation calculations?

Proptor's software provides detailed depreciation data, allowing users to calculate and track asset depreciation accurately over time.

Can Proptor's software integrate with our existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems?

Yes, Proptor's software can integrate with existing ERP systems, enabling seamless data exchange and unified asset management.

What kind of support and training does Proptor offer for new users of its asset management platform?

Proptor offers comprehensive support and training, including tutorials, user guides, and customer support to help new users effectively utilize the platform.

How does Proptor ensure the security and confidentiality of asset data within its platform?

Proptor ensures data security with encrypted data, secure user authentication, and role-based access controls to protect asset information.

Is there a mobile app for Proptor's Enterprise Asset Management software, and what features does it include?

Yes, Proptor offers a mobile app that includes features like maintenance scheduling, asset monitoring, historical data access, and push notifications for real-time updates.

Keep track of all your assets and stay well-informed about their complete lifecycle

Go past the brain drain and paperwork with the tools and
information you need to run frictionless operations.