Inventory management system

Intelligent Inventory Management

Proptor's inventory management software offers built-in barcode scanner for real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor current stock levels and consumption rates. Receive automated alerts to ensure you never run out of stock, ensuring compliance with safety regulations across all locations.

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Inventory management Software
Inventory Management

Gain Inventory Control at your Fingertips

Proptor's system allows secure management of multiple locations and warehouses, providing comprehensive visibility into the parts at each site and stay compliant at all times. Keep precise records of all items, calculate consumption levels, and receive alerts for any deviations from expected behavior.

  • Transparency

    Gain unified view of your stock in hand and access utilization reports.

  • Efficiency

    Take control of costs by implementing just-in-time stocking strategies.

  • Accountability

    Review locations and assets that account for higher stock utilization.

Best Inventory Management Software


Barcode Scanning

Technicians can easily scan barcodes from their mobile app to consume parts in breakdown / maintenance activities.


Set Minimum Threshold Quantities (MTQ) for your parts and get notified when the stock count goes below that threshold

Anywhere Access

Retrieve parts and supplies information on the go. Access usage levels, user manuals, and vendor details within seconds

FIFO (First-In-First-Out)

Ensure the parts you purchase first, get consumed first. Monitor costs the right way.

Parts Transfer

Easily transfer parts from one site to another, eliminating the need for expensive overnight shipments

Detailed Reports

Access insights and reports with Proptor's Inventory Management System. Receive timely notifications to prevent stockouts at any time.

Push Notifications

Get notified when a particular stock has been loaned to another site or if it falls below MTQ.

Vendor Information

Capture and record all vendor information, selling prices and other documentation.

Go past the brain drain and paperwork with the tools and
information you need to run frictionless operations.