Training Management System

Employee Training Made Simple

Keep your employees informed with our employee training management software. You can easily create your own content, upload a file in any format, or link to a relevant video you found on social media. Assign the content to specific employees, or broadcast it across the company! Track who has completed the course and who hasn't. Training your employees doesn't have to be hard or expensive anymore.

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Employee Training Management software

Transform Learning For Future Workforce

Empower people to develop skills and competencies that impact their jobs. Turn everyday learning experiences into actionable insights that boost performance and foster ROI through Proptor's employee training management software.

  • Transparent

    Gain complete visibility across the workforce to identify gaps and take corrective action.

  • Efficiency

    Streamline dispersed content into searchable Course Library and efficiently create playbooks, SOPs, or process documentation

  • Accountability

    Empower leaders and managers to achieve best results with our Learning Management System

Best Training Management


Multiple Formats

Share videos, audio clips, PDF, powerpoint documents on single platform.


At the click of a button simply broadcast training content to teams at scale

Track Viewership

Monitor engagement levels and completion progress for each named user with Proptor's training tracking software

Personalized Learning

Create and share team / user specific content and improve learning

Secured Content

Your content is secured and cannot be downloaded or shared by employees.

Access On The Go

Enable your teams to access and learn from your content, even while they are on the move

Push Notifications

Keep employees engaged by sending in-app reminders about unfinished content


How does Proptor's employee training management software support different learning styles?

Proptor supports multiple formats like videos, audio clips, PDFs, and PowerPoint documents, catering to various learning styles and preferences.

Can Proptor's employee training management software integrate with our existing HR systems?

Yes, Proptor can integrate with existing HR systems, enabling seamless data exchange and streamlined training management.

What analytics and reporting features does Proptor offer to measure the effectiveness of training programs?

Proptor provides detailed analytics and reporting features to track engagement levels, completion rates, and performance metrics of training programs.

How does Proptor ensure the security and privacy of training content and user data?

Proptor ensures security with encrypted data, secure user authentication, and role-based access controls, protecting both content and user data.

Is there support for multilingual training content in Proptor's employee training management software?

Yes, Proptor supports multilingual training content, allowing you to create and share training materials in multiple languages.

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