Automate expensive and time-consuming maintenance management processes

Ensure preventive maintenance is performed in accordance with the asset management schedule, helping to improve the reliability of assets. With reminders and alerts for maintenance, your team will never miss a single maintenance task.

Preventive Maintenance

Simplest way to add more dollars to your bottom line

Proptor’s intuitive preventive maintenance tool helps maintenance teams ensure just-in-time maintenance - resulting in lesser unplanned downtime and expensive repairs.

  • Transparent

    100% visibility on all maintenance activities carried out, or not. You can’t miss our system reminders.

  • Efficient

    Your phone is enough. No more maintaining paper forms or dairies.

  • Accountable

    Use our custom dashboard to highlight trends and track productivity of teams.

Mobile Maintenance

Digitally sign off maintenance checklists from the mobile app.

Photos & Comments

Technicians can attach and upload photos and remarks to highlight problem areas

Schedule & Reschedule

Easily schedule and reschedule PMs based on date, time, frequency or other conditions.


Technicians get mobile reminders for PMs assigned to them.


Alerts sent to critical teams when a maintenance schedule is missed.

Share Reports

Easily share branded reports with all photos and remarks attached.

Raise Tickets

Create tickets from within the PM checklist for mission critical items.

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