Multi-location inventory management solution

When it comes to managing inventory, things can get complicated fast. Proptor makes your life easier. Use the built-in barcode scanner to keep track of inventory in real-time. From tracking parts and inventory to getting notifications when quantities of any item go below the threshold level, Proptor is a must-have tool for the maintenance tech.

Inventory Management

Optimized for simplicity and reliability

Proptor is a simple and easy-to-use solution for managing your inventory levels. Our system will help you keep track of all items, calculate consumption levels and also notify you of any out-of-trend behaviors.

  • Transparent

    Single view of stock in hand and utilization reports.

  • Efficient

    Manage and control costs by just-in-time stocking.

  • Accountable

    Review locations and assets that account for higher stock utilization.


Technicians can easily scan barcodes from their mobile app to consume parts in breakdown / maintenance activities.


Assign Minimum Threshold Quantities to parts and get notified when the stock count goes below that threshold. Never get stocked out again!

Access from anywhere

Pull out parts & supplies information on the go. Access usage levels, user manuals, vendor information within seconds.


Ensure the parts you purchase first, get consumed first. Monitor costs the right way.

Parts Transfer

Easily transfer parts from one site to another and avoid expensive costs associated with overnighting parts.

Detailed Reports

Track current stock levels, monitor consumption rates and replenish inventory as needed. Automated alerts ensure you'll never run out of stock at any given time.

Push Notifications

Get notified when a particular stock has been loaned to another site or if it goes below MTQ.

Vendor Information

Capture and record all vendor information, selling prices and other documentation.

Are you ready to take your inventory tracking and reporting to the next level?
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