Reduce unplanned downtime on your assets with the simplest asset management solution

Proptor enables professionals to track critical information about their assets including historical breakdowns, expenses & costs incurred on repair, preventive actions taken, depreciation data, spare parts consumed, total downtime & more. It also generates alerts when assets go out of warranty and code assets for future identification.


Easily organise, track and optimise asset performance

Take the guesswork out of managing assets. Use Proptor to track the maintenance history of each asset right from your phone. Keep tabs on everything including number of breakdowns, downtime, spare parts consumed during repair work, costs incurred during repairs, etc. so that you always have an accurate picture of how much your assets are costing you.

  • Transparent

    Know and monitor your assets, at all times. Know where your assets have been moved around.

  • Efficient

    Easily pull out reports on your assets, on the move.

  • Accountable

    Know the health of your assets and identify maintenance requirements. A properly functioning asset drives revenues and reduces compliance risks.

Mobile Maintenance

Create schedules with ease and assign to relevant teams and monitor compliance.

Key Metrics

Measure and monitor key metrics like downtime, uptime, MTTR, MTBF and detailed depreciation data.

Secured Access

Control access to who sees what information on your assets.

Asset Tagging

Paste neatly designed QR codes on each asset to enable technicians to pull out historical information.

Track Warranty

Complete data on warranty tracking, expiration as well as servicing provided for “in-warranty” assets.

AMC Management

Track vendor performance for your own assets under third party maintenance contracts

Asset Transfer

Initiate and monitor asset transfer requests and keep a track of where your assets currently reside.

Push Notifications

Instant updates on asset transfers, maintenance lapses, warranty expiration etc.

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