About Us

Easy is good, but effective is better

Whiteboards and spreadsheets can be messy and confusing. Some maintenance systems prioritize simplicity but neglect the performance of operations teams. Proptor is built to make maintenance management easy and effective.

How it started

In 2018, we noticed significant inefficiencies and inflexibility in commercial building operations. Important tasks like checklists, handling complaints, gathering tenant feedback, staff training, asset management, and preventive maintenance were being carried out separately or using outdated systems.

The realization of these challenges sparked the idea for a unified platform that could streamline and optimize operations and maintenance management. This vision eventually came to life, giving birth to Proptor.

How it’s going

At Proptor, our mission is simple:

To make life easier for technicians, managers and tenants By providing an operations management tool that helps maintenance teams go past brain drain and paperwork, with tools and information they need to run frictionless operations.

Proptor is made for teams that want to feel less stressed, yet do a really great job.

Proptor is the only CMMS that completes the operations cycle from manager, to technician to customers and tenants.

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